What a Commercial Locksmith Do for Your Business

Posted on: 25 September 2017


When your business experiences issues with its locks, it can paralyze operations for a period of time. Employees getting locked out of important rooms such as their offices, storage spaces or technical areas can become a liability for your business. Commercial locksmiths help you avoid such problems by restoring access to your office premises if you end up getting locked out.

Commercial locksmiths can repair, adjust and install locks in buildings and offices, windows and even cars. Those businesses that operate large fleets of cars may find it very beneficial to have a commercial locksmith handy incase they lose some of the keys to their vehicles.

Functions of a commercial locksmith

So why is having locksmith services so important for your business?

Key cutting

It is not uncommon for people to lose their keys or get locked out of their premises. Commercial locksmiths can cut keys according to the individual doors that need to be accessed. This allows you to regain entry into your premises and continue with your operations.  

Securing windows and door locks

It is important for you to maintain the security of your business premises. Commercial locksmiths can install and maintain the locks on your windows and doors. And because they supply and fit those types of locks, you can request them to modify the locks to your liking.

Installing and repairing electronic security door systems

Businesses that purchase and maintain expensive equipment in their premises often resort to electronic security systems. These systems utilize special codes and keycard access as opposed to traditional keys. When using such a system, proper maintenance and control is necessary. A commercial locksmith helps in supplying, installing, and servicing electronic door systems.

Installing vaults and safes

Highly valuable items often need an extra layer of security. Commercial locksmiths can install safes and vaults, and equip them with the right locking system. They also offer critical advice on strategic locations for placing these safes.

What to look for in a commercial locksmith

Now that you know how important hiring a commercial locksmith can be for your business, how can you identify which locksmith is right for your needs?

Warranty for services: commercial locksmiths should provide a warranty for lock systems that they install. This assures quality and peace of mind in case something goes wrong.

Knowledge of many different systems: the locksmith should have knowledge of multiple market lock systems such as keyless entry, window locks, and electronic systems.

Providing emergency services: A commercial locksmith should offer the option of emergency services. You may be locked out of your business at odd hours and need access immediately. Therefore, 24/7 services are a must have.